Site Tutorials

[DC] Sean Sullivan ADMINDist. CommitCommissionerRoundtableEvent Direct posted Jun 25, 17

Getting Started

New to the Golden Arrow Community?  Want to get set up?  This Tutorial will show you how.

Site Tour

Come take a tour and see what the site has to offer. There are all kinds of tools and information in here for you and reaching out to fellow leaders is now quick and easy.

News & Events

Want to see what's up int he District?  Well look no further.  Learn about the News and Events tools on the site.


Learn to use the Forums to find information, ask questions, and share files.


Learn how to get the most out of the Forum by using Subscriptions.  Let the site watch the things you are interested in and notify you of new content.

Messaging <Temporarily Removed>

Learn how to use the powerful messaging features of the site to find exactly the people you are looking for easily and start a conversation with them.  Also learn how to use the Forums in conjunction with Messaging to create central repositories for sharing files and information.

Using the Editor

Want to know how to spice up your posts with graphics, videos, links, and otehr effects?  This is the tutorial for you.  It walks throught eh features of the editor and how to use it to do more than just write a text note.

Account Settings & Friends

Learn how to manage your Account settings to personalize your experience with the site and how to find and designate friends you want to talk and share with when they are online.

Requesting Changes

Want to see something added or changed ont eh site?  This short tutorial shows you how to contact the Admins and submit a request.